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Thessaloniki 1912: The beggining
Company Foundation
Production in late 70's
Production & manufacturing
FreeForm Production in 2018
FreeForm Technology

A long history!

Union Optic's long history and experience is our main asset. Established in 1912 as a commercial company, it has moved in 1980 into production of ophthalmic lenses. Today Union Optic Group has a total workforce of 300 people, operates 3 manufacturing facilities in the eastern Mediterranean region and is affiliated with a lens design partner in Germany.

Strategically located in Europe, we are servicing both European and Middle East markets, due to convenient location. Currently we have customers in 15 countries worldwide. As a member of European Union and the Eurozone, financial transactions are easy & flexible.

The most complete Lens Portfolio is our strongest point. We offer Hi-end optical solution technologies. Whatever the optical needs, we have the answer: from simple single vision lenses to sophisticated, individual freeform lifestyle progressives. The wide range of materials including Transitions®, Trivex, Polycarbonate, glass and all types of organic lenses in indexes from 1.5 to 1.9.

High-end technology

We brag about technology! The affiliation with one of the top lens designers worldwide operating in Germany enables Union Optic to develop and manufacture sophisticated, tailor-made progressive lenses. The continuous use of optimization technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment guarantee the best optical performance, while special coatings applied by Union Optic provide extremely hard and scratch-resistant surfaces with improved AR and anti-static properties.

Our main priority is our Software and Communications. We developed a ”Cloud”-based, most modern data-entry software, easy to use, available in many languages to make ordering simple for any optician anywhere in the world. Our full universal system from simple order entry to frame scanning and edging ensures that you can get your orders uncut, ready for mounting or send us the frame and have your order ready to be delivered to your customer easy and effortless.

Innovative and versatile!

Our mission is to be an innovative leader in the ophthalmic lens market, that provides to our customers, the opticians, technologies and products that will benefit their businesses. Give to the final consumers quality products that will improve their lives through natural vision.

Our full product range allows us to be your One Stop Supplier! You name it, we have it: Full ophthalmic lenses range. Disposable, conventional and full RX production of Contact Lenses. Optical equipment, including lensmeters, ophthalmic units and edging machines. Spare parts and accessories. Wide range of frames. Excellent service and customer support.

Union Optic History in decades:

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