iDrive Pro

Target group:

When it comes to driving, you need to be absolutely sure about your eyesight. Intoduce iDrive lenses to your customers; they will love it!

Technology & Characteristics:

  • Designed for distant view, intermediate and near view up to cockpit instruments.
  • Wide progressive corridor for natural vision.
  • 9mm (medium) corridor length for immediate adaptation to driving requirements with minimum to none head tilt.
  • Available in 1.50 and 1.60 index.
  • Improved AR performance for even less glare from opposite coming vehicles and street lights.
  • Designed to reflect high energy spectrum light to minimize eye fatigue during night driving (for example, Xenon headlights of opposite coming vehicles).
  • New AR coat layer to increase contrast in low light conditions.

What you get:

A progressive design, especially engineered by Union Optic RnD for night driving.


iDrive PRO Progressives
iDrive PRO Progressives