MultiView HD

Target group:

Any progressive wearer who wants to take full advantage of Freeform technology with customized needs, is a MultiView HD potential customer! MultiView HD: a further progress of our previous top-selling design! Engineered with higher resolution that permits an easy adaption for every customer due to lower aberration.

Technology & Characteristics:

  • Individually produced freeform progressive lens (PD) with variable inset for even higher individual performance of the lens for the wearer.
  • Enhanced vision in the single visual zones due to the binocular optimization.
  • Atorical optimization offered as standard.
  • Up to 10 % thinner and lighter in comparison to conventional products.
  • No swing-effect.
  • Spontaneous tolerability.
  • New Ultra Short design added: Progression Length: 8mm, Minimum Fitting Height: 13mm.

What you get:

  • Large identical visual fields through online optimization.
  • Natural vision through position of wear optimization.
  • Wider frame selection range.


MultiView HD Progressives
MultiView HD Progressives