Perception 4K

Target group:

Any progressive wearer who wants to take full advantage of Freeform technology with a fully indivualized design has to try Perception 4K! Engineered with the most advanced technology for a natural adaption with the lowest possible aberrations.

Technology & Characteristics:

  • High-class design on the basis of the latest physical findings.
  • Online optimization including synchronization of the visual zones by means of the individual parameters.
  • Increased peripheral vision area up to 15% compared to our previous Perception design.
  • Atorical optimization offered as standard.
  • Up to 10 % thinner and lighter in comparison to conventional products.
  • Highest comfort by ideal visual zones.
  • No swing-effect.
  • Spontaneous tolerability.
  • Comprehensive material portfolio for aesthetic lenses.
  • New Ultra Short design added: Progression Length: 8mm, Minimum Fitting Height: 13mm.

What you get:

  • Consideration of each individual wearer requirements thus ensuring the best possible vision.
  • Large identical visual fields through online optimization.
  • Natural vision through position of wear optimization.
  • Wider frame selection range.


Perception 4K Progressives
Perception 4K Progressives