The last years lens manufacturers developed one new technology called FreeForm and set new standards in ophthalmic lenses.

Until then, the conventional progressive lenses were used: this means that the progressive surface was standard and the powers were added in the back side of the lens. This resulted in standard specifications that were unable to cover the needs of all the spectacle wearers.

It was this need for customization and individualization lead to development of FreeForm Technology. It was named after the "Freeform surface modelling", which is the art of engineering Freeform Surfaces with a CAD or CAID system.Taking full advantage of freeform engineering, there were made immprovements in mathematical modeling of surfaces, allowing greater design control. So, in a few words, the major breakthrough of this technology, is that we managed to overcome the standarization in lens manufacturing and give freedom to spectacle wearers to choose the frames that they want, with almost no limitation.

The main idea behind freeform technology is that the progressive surface is digitally designed and implemented on the back side of the lens, along with the dioptries; it is no longer considered a fixed parameter.

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