Union Optic Destiny: Intelligent Ordering System now available for tablet!

After UniFit’s huge success, we upgraded our software to a new & improved implementation, especially for tablets! With the android app “Destiny”, you can easily send your orders directly from your tablet, without using a computer!

It was thoroughly developed: The user interface is redesigned all over again, taking into account the most advanced and user-friendly features, along with the logical steps required for order entry. It can guide you step by step, from the beginning of a new order and the monitor of its status, until it is delivered at your place! And the best part of all? All this, packed in a modern and trendy tablet powered by Android!



If you wonder “why Destiny?”:

• Placing any order with the option of shape choice!

• Order using internet: anywhere – anytime!

• Familiarize with the application and the products in no time, even if you are a new customer!

• Real time update for the order status. The optician knows where the order is anytime!

• Order receipt and entry to Union Optic’s fully automated production system, without human interference

• Automatic product & software update

Software is provided by Union Optic preinstalled in the tablet, completely free! For more information, please contact us by using the contact form or by sending an e-mail at info@union-optic.com. One of our Sales Representatives will contact you to find the best solution that meets your needs!